Our little lady was very lucky when we were approached by an Independent Usbourne Books distrubuter, the lovely Anna of Anna’s Bookshop. Anna asked if she could gift us a book and then we can honestly review the process. We welcomed the opportunity with open arms – if we can help a mum and her business, we’re all into that!

I LOVE to read. I’m struggling to find the time nowadays but even as a child I would love to sit with a book and go into a whole new world. I really hope our little lady is the same.

Before I go into this process too much, I just want to highlight some of the lovely community based work Anna has done here in York. She has gifted books to the local hospital for the Children’s Ward, she runs reading sessions for the younger children in the community (which we were sadly unable to make) and even runs paid sessions which include lots of fun and sometimes even a book!

Our little one is a BIG fan of books. Anything with pictures and particularly where she can either turn the page herself or lift doors/flaps and find what’s hiding beneath. Another particular favourite is that of numbers and letters. I don’t think I’ve ever counted to 10 more times in my whole life…although I have a feeling counting to three will become more prominent in my life over the next few years!

So armed with this information, Anna started her digging into the wonderful books on offer and came back with three brilliant suggestions. We then got to pick a book from those and we (ahem *I*) chose:


Now the book is heavy, but not too heavy that a toddler can’t pick it up (and carry it around everywhere…) but makes it feel more durable than a lot of toddler books. Inside EVERY page is full of lifting the flaps, different variations of the alphabet and it’s suitable for the kiddies as they grow too.

Right now, it’s brilliant for the colours, hearing the sounds and making the sounds and also using fine motor skills. As our little one grows, it has options for filling in gaps, counting how many of things there are and lots more.

What surprised me most about all of this process was the ease, Anna’s in depth knowledge of the books and ability to recommend based on what our child needs and enjoys. I cannot recommend utilising Anna’s Bookshop more. We’ll be becoming regular customers, that’s for sure.

For those that don’t know Usbourne Books do a HUGE range of books, they are not limited to toddler age ranges. They do from first books right up to teenagers. Usbourne Books provide books on the less tackled topics such as mental health, and encouraging young people to look after theirs. This is SO refreshing.

For those of you who may be interested here is Anna’s social media details:

Click here for her Facebook page.

Click here for her Instagram page.

Give her a follow/life. If you’re interested – give her a message. I think you’d be hard pressed to have a child (whatever age) that Anna couldn’t find a book they’d enjoy.

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

-Dr Seuss.

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