Colour Correction.

This is what my hair looked like about 5 weeks ago.


This is a photo of my lighter hair that I longingly stared at for agesssss (let’s just ignore my homie Kate absolutely stealing the show as the radiant bride). It’s hard to see in this picture but I LOVED this colour and now I’m cross at myself for not just leaving well alone. Will I ever learn? (No. No I won’t. I do this year after year)


And here’s where I’m currently at. There’s obviously a filter on here but it’s basically taken really well in some places, a bit gingery in others and lighter on my roots because that was a lighter colour because I’m naturally not dark haired haha.


So long story short, I missed my lighter hair and going from really dark hair to lighter hair is not easy. There were basically 3 options open and I chose the one that would damage my hair the least – weaving of bleach (I think?) through. Now, just to clarify my hairdresser is AMAZING and all the stylists there have had years of me flitting back and forth between hair lengths and colours and pretty much they all have the patience of a saint. This is annoyingly all my own doing and choice. But I’m currently in that ‘in between’ stage where I can’t really wear my hair down because of the mismatch of colours. So I’m there on Tuesday for my second stage to getting it looking blonder!

Now the purpose of this blog actually isn’t to chat loads about the colour process but more that for the past four weeks I’ve had to wear my hair up. Now I wasn’t forced into it but didn’t feel confident wearing my hair down.

I regularly wear my hair up. ‘Mum bun’ chic is my absolute hairstyle staple. However, 4 weeks is a lot of mum buns. So I’ve tried a couple of different things – half up, half down, high pony, and now my hair is growing my old faithful of french plaits is back!

However, every single one of these results in the same thing – my hair being pulled way off my face. So for four weeks every time I’ve looked in the mirror. There. I. Am. My face. Make-up free. Plastered in the delightful stuff. Panda eyes where I’ve forgotten I’m wearing mascara. First thing in the morning. Last thing at night. My face. In all its glory.

This might sound a bit odd, but I’ve never really paid as much attention continuously to my face as I have done the past few weeks. If I’m really honest I spent a week really quite tearful. I love my hair. I like to change the colours (surprise, surprise – is there any wonder how I ended up here?) and cut. I try really hard to keep it in good condition and when I wear it down I always get compliments on it. It’s like my safety blanket that I choose to put away (or up in a bun) but know I can quickly grab it if I need it.

So my confidence felt like it had taken a bit of a hit. I felt really quite exposed and my face! It was just there! All the time! Bizarrely, the more I’ve been looking at it, the flaws I used to see are now quirks. They’re things that are just me. I’m feeling really quite confident in my skin. It’s made me think more about my skin care routine. Seriously. I now make sure I use a designated eye cream and everything! You were lucky if I moistured my face most days.

I think what I’ve been saying in a very convoluted way is – being force into exposing my face has made me more comfortable with it. I’ve never hated how my face looks. But I actually take more pride in it. I want to look after the skin on my face. I want to protect it from UV rays. It’s given me a bit of a quiet (well, not so quiet now) confidence. Your stuck with your face. Whether we put make-up on or not. It’s ours. It can’t be changed like hair – not without some surgical intervention of make-up artistry skills that I just do not possess.

That being said – I’ll be pleased when I’m at a point in the hair process that I feel confident to wear it down if I choose, again.

What’s your comfort blanket? Is there something in your style/appearance that if whipped away from you would leave you a bit panic-stricken? How do you think you’d cope?


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