Mastering Me


That was the time that I ran my first half marathon in. It was the Great North Run in 2012. I didn’t train properly. I was a lot heavier than I am now – to the point of my mum having to sew in panels down the side of my running vest because the large was still far too small. I felt absolutely horrific the whole 13.1 miles. Every part of me hurt. I remember being on the phone to my mum in tears. I was miserable.

It’s funny looking back at this next picture. It feels like looking back at photos of an old friend you’ve lost touch with. You didn’t fall out. You don’t dislike each other. You just grew apart.









Photo: Marathon Photos

I’m so proud to know that by the time that I run my second Great North Run this September I will be a fully qualified Personal Trainer. Imagine telling the woman in the photo, that. Imagine telling her that not only will she have done countless other runs including a marathon but she’ll be soon able to independently train people in health and fitness.

Becoming a Personal Trainer is something that I’ve spoken (privately) about on and off for a while now. I think there was an underlying self-confidence issue. I saw myself as unworthy of it because I’d been bigger. I seemed to forget the 14 years of dancing. The countless hockey, netball, rounders and football training sessions, matches and tournaments I’d played in during my youth. I forgot that at University I’d competed at the UKCA National Cheerleading Championships and our team had come second. I associated myself with a few years where I gained weight quite quickly – very simply down to a lot of drinking and eating the wrong things. But those few years knocked my self-confidence significantly. I put in the hard work, and now I’m a different person. I need to remember that being bigger is a part of me and my past, but it isn’t all I have ever been. I’ve lived both healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.

Over the past few weeks it’s been so lovely teaching more CORE DE FORCE Live classes. Steve (and Amy!) at Ouch Potato have been amazing and have given me so much confidence in myself and my ability to train others. With the unwavering support from Chris and my mum, as always – today I decided to go for it. I signed up to become a Personal Trainer.

I’m nervous – but I’m excited. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to lead the way and support people in reaching their goals. I’m proof it is possible to turn it all around. I’m fitter and stronger and more self-confident than I have ever been. Now it’s time to pass it on.



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