Keeping Quiet

So if you’ve been living in a cave on a remote island you might have missed the news, that just under a week ago, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby girl. The rumour mill has been going crazy for months but no confirmation of the pregnancy was ever announced to the public. Now this isn’t a blog post about whether or not I/you like the Kardashians and Jenners (I do…well most of them) but actually about the fact she withdrew from the limelight during her pregnancy.

Kylie’s decision to keep this pregnancy as quiet as possible, when you’re a young woman who has spent a significant amount of your career building up a social media following, is huge. It seemed to have been met with very much mixed responses. Because Kylie has lived her life in the media, it was presumed all parts of her life be shared and this was frustrating for people to have no confirmation of what was happening.

Now, what I have noticed is that amongst parents on Instagram and other platforms – the reaction seems to be ‘good for you’. The pressures you feel when pregnant and as a new mum are huge I’ve spoken about them often. I think if nothing else the amount of pressure we put on ourselves is ridiculous. So I can’t even imagine what is must be like to be a 20 year old multi-millionaire with a following of MILLIONS around the world. Regardless of whether or not you like her, she is heavily criticised in the media (also heavily praised, it swings both ways). So to then go through the most life, body, mind and soul changing experience under the flash of papparazzi cameras – I don’t blame her for keeping things to her close friends and family.

Kylie said she wanted to go through the pregnancy in the most “positive, stress free” way that she knew how. What an absolutely wonderful way to approach your pregnancy. I wish, so much, my anxiety hadn’t been as crippling and I hadn’t put such an insane amount of pressure on myself during my pregnancy. I do wonder; if I had been able to find a way to manage that anxiety would I have enjoyed my pregnancy more?

Keeping things closer to your chest and relieving yourself of external pressure is something I find so interesting. I think Steph Douglas, owner of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, summed up being a new mum PERFECTLY and my god what I would give to nip back to a year ago and listen to that advice. Click here to see the post about pulling up the drawbridge. It is wonderful. If you’re pregnant or hoping to become pregnant PLEASE listen to this idea and decide whether it could work for you.

4 days after having Daisy I was out in Tesco ‘to get out’ we didn’t even bloody need anything. I’d just undergone major abdominal surgery, after a 24 hour traumatic labour, had required a blood transfusion and I thought nipping out to Tesco for a walk was a good idea.

If we do ever have another little one, I will certainly be keeping all this in mind. Putting less pressure on myself, during and after and doing as much as possible to relieve external pressures.

No Tesco trips 4 days after with no benefit to it.


I mean, look. I looked as ill and exhausted as I felt. Be kind to yourself. It’s hard growing a baby then getting it out of you.


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