Jack of all trades, mastering none. When I first launched this blog, that’s exactly how I felt. Apart from this time I needed to at least try to master one. Mum. Jack of all trades, mastering mum. That’s how I’d describe myself; so that’s why I named my blog the same.


That’s me. Looking far more glamorous than I do 95% of the time. I’m Frankii. Clinging on to my 20s. Mummy to Daisy, wife to Chris and many other things to many people.


Very proud of my Yorkshire heritage. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll tell you about that if we ever meet.


I’m a bit of a magpie. I regularly start things and don’t see them through because something else catches my eye. I’m very much an all in or all out kind of person.

My background…I’ve worked in Law, for The Scouts (yep, the youth association you’re thinking of!) and most recently I’ve qualified as a Personal Trainer. I’m a stay at home mum currently, running my Online Personal Training business, Fit by Frankii, on the side during naptimes!

Now my gorgeous little girl, and favourite person ever, is turning 2 very soon (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!) and is absolutely thriving, I think it’s time we both tried something new. I’m hunting for some part time employment and when I secure something, Daisy will be heading off to nursery a day or two a week (and being spoiled by her Nan the other day!).

me and daisy

Like many things, I’ve stopped and started this blog a few times. This time, I’m going to stop being so hard on myself and thinking that if I don’t post for a while I need to close it all down. So, I’ll post as often as I can and stop opening and closing Facebook pages (sorry about that!) and just leave it all open with no pressure.

Oh, and on that note…If you’re not already; follow me on Instagram and Facebook.